Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The mind is a playground

...but more recently my mind has felt like a prison.

The last couple of days (weeks? I don’t know) I have been painfully scratching away at the brickwork of my thoughts. They are trickling out, no doubt but the process has been really excruciating. I’m sorry that I am about to get on that ‘life-is-so-hard’ shit but since summer 2010 I have found out a lot about myself, at such a fast rate and I realise there is so much more to discover about what is truly me.  

The beginning of the year I unlocked a secret core inside of me that I never knew I was capable of possessing and let me tell you – at the time it scared the hell out of me. My mind became a separate entity and due to the events in my life as of recent, my thoughts spun off out of control. 

Now I see the power of long term perception. 

These experiences have helped me develop into a mightier person. I embrace the events that my mind has played continuously on loop as experiences to grow and learn from, mistakes to accept. I have gone back to being one with myself and I am willing to accept every aspect of life and my mind’s weird way of viewing it. Never in my life have I had so my fuel for my written work and my notebook is bursting at the seams.

Feed your mind with education, stimulation and appreciation and your mind will love you back.

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