Monday, 13 June 2011

New Blog!

 I will no longer be updating this blog as I will be focussing my time on my other blog.

Thanks for reading Meshaha Online :)

Monday, 4 April 2011

Back on the wagon.

It's 1:18am and i realise that I haven't been consistent with my blog (woo hoo for new starts right?) I know I have some lurkers so guys, don't worry I will be posting loads this week. I have so much on my head right now, expect to read it all here :)

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The 5 Worse Types of Facebook Statuses #1

You can judge a lot by someone’s facebook status update. From the witty observers, the song lyricists, all the way to the dirty laundry broadcasters; everyone has their own type of status style and personality.

Some status updates however reveal a deeper, uglier side to people. Attention whores or passive-aggressive bores; facebook has a status for it.

 In this series I will count down 5 of the worse types of facebook statuses.

Well, it's not really a coutndown. *Kanye shrug* Even though these are numbered, there are in no particular order. They are all equally annoying/cringe worthy/pathetic.  


1)      The ‘Wooo look at me have so much fun at this very moment’ status update.


Now please do not get this confused with those morning-after-the-night-before status updates. You know where you’re one with the calm after the storm which was that epic party last night and you just want to comment on how good it was. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of ‘Last night was awesome, thank to everyone who came out’ on your wall every now and again.

What makes me raise my eyebrow in scepticism however is when people feel the need to comment on how much fun they are having at that exact moment of making said status update.



The good time vibes coursing through your veins are so superior that you are able to snap out of the euphoria to skulk away into the dark corners, go onto your smart phone and inform everyone?  

funny gifs
What real fun looks like

Why this status is lame.

The main problem with these statuses is that they are a transparent attempt to convince the world that this facebook user is not a boring, lonely little hermit, incapable of having fun. It’s a big fat, ‘look at me, I can get down too’ which is more often than not passively directed at an individual or group on facebook that the user feels the need to prove their social standings against. This sort of self-proclamation of good times also backfires and acts against the user’s original intentions to exhume the image of ‘party guy’.

If every time the user goes out partying they have to scream it from the rooftops on facebook, well then they obviously don’t get out much. :-/

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The mind is a playground

...but more recently my mind has felt like a prison.

The last couple of days (weeks? I don’t know) I have been painfully scratching away at the brickwork of my thoughts. They are trickling out, no doubt but the process has been really excruciating. I’m sorry that I am about to get on that ‘life-is-so-hard’ shit but since summer 2010 I have found out a lot about myself, at such a fast rate and I realise there is so much more to discover about what is truly me.  

The beginning of the year I unlocked a secret core inside of me that I never knew I was capable of possessing and let me tell you – at the time it scared the hell out of me. My mind became a separate entity and due to the events in my life as of recent, my thoughts spun off out of control. 

Now I see the power of long term perception. 

These experiences have helped me develop into a mightier person. I embrace the events that my mind has played continuously on loop as experiences to grow and learn from, mistakes to accept. I have gone back to being one with myself and I am willing to accept every aspect of life and my mind’s weird way of viewing it. Never in my life have I had so my fuel for my written work and my notebook is bursting at the seams.

Feed your mind with education, stimulation and appreciation and your mind will love you back.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

So it begins!

funny gifs

Woo Yeah! First blog post!

I’ve been meaning to start a blog (and stick with it!) for a while now. Procrastination is my biggest foe and I usually put off starting projects by over thinking it and conjuring up all types of pre-task rituals but I’m Here. 

2011 is a symbolic year for me to start a blog as I’m in the process of growing in several areas of my life. I graduated from university last year and as frightening as it is, my life is in front of me. I’m all grown up now.   

Why MESHAha as a blog name? Well to be frank, I just like the way it looks. [ha]

I write. I love to write. This blog will be a place in which I will write on which ever topic I choose, from green nail varnish to the political uprising in Libya.

Bookmark me, follow me, comment me, enjoy

Mesha x